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the Founder

​​During the last seventeen years, Rudi have been assisting corporate clients to a safer and more mature security posture. Before security as a service roles, Rudi was responsible for enterprise administration, support and migrations for 7 years in various organisations.

Experience in a number of industries: Finance and Banking, Oil and Energy, Telecommunications (Mobile), Manufacturing, Insurance, Consulting and e-Commerce. 

I am well-travelled and have diverse cultural experiences in the work place.

Accustomed to work in teams and individually, in multiple countries and diverse cultures: South Africa, EMEA, United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Web, API and Infra Pentest completed.
Countries where programs were completed.
Industry Experience:
Finance Banking, Consulting, TeleComms, 
Insurance, Commerce, Software, 
Technology, Oil And Gas.


Violet Sky Security

Violet Sky Security was established and trading in The Netherlands since April 2017,

Chamber of Commerce / KVK 68589174 as a ZZP

And migrated to Violet Sky Security BV since July 2020,

KVK 78505615 Amsterdam.​ 

Identifying true risk and vulnerabilities for our clients.

Helping you to enhance Information Assurance. 

Keeping an eye on the big picture and improving digital security.

Abreast of the latest attacks and Modus Operandi

Exploring new opportunities in frontiers in blockchain security and auditing. 

A Virtual Office in Baltimore Maryland. 

We formed a partnership with Enhalo USA LLC in January 2020 and formalised  it in July 2020.